Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April: Chicago Botanic Garden

IMG_5074 IMG_5077
The Garden's Century Plant is beginning to bloom.

Species tulips and Siberian squill, Japanese Garden

IMG_5050 IMG_5048
Magnolia, daffodils, Evening Island

Carillon, Evening Island

Waterfall, Tropical Greenhouse


Mr Brown Thumb said...

Those species tulips are really cool. I keep telling myself to add some to my garden but can never remember to actually do it.

Pretty cool that you got to see the agave, don't think I'll be able to catch it blooming. Oh well, maybe I'll get to see the put that's growing at the base bloom.

garden girl said...

What MBT said! I'm tempted to try a few species tulips here to see if they're any more resistant to the rabbits who always seem to eat the buds on hybrids just before they bloom.

Diane said...

I don't usually have problems with rabbits eating my tulips, species or hybrid, so I can't say the hybrids are any better for that. What I do like is that they're shorter and the corollas open up more. If you get some (I ordered mine from American Meadows), plant them closer together than you would with hybrids because the foliage is so narrow!