Thursday, April 15, 2010

April: Bloom Day!

IMG_5089 IMG_5114
(l) The species tulips in the garage garden are still going strong! (r) The newly planted species tulips in the front yard are more spindly than I expected, but I love the color.

IMG_5116 IMG_5098
(l) Vinca minor, which I've tried without success to eradicate. Left to its own devices, it will eventually choke the entire garden. (r) Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountain', one of my favorite plants; semi-evergreen, purple flowers, variegated leaves, thrives in shade; what's not to love?

IMG_5095 IMG_5088
Daffodillies! Hyacinths!

IMG_5140 IMG_5129
Bleeding heart, Dicentra spectabilis; eastern redbud, Cercis canadensis

And back in the house, both of my Haworthias are blooming. This one is Haworthia cooperi.

The view out the window, touched by early morning light

What else is blooming today? Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see!


garden girl said...

What a pretty view looking down on the flowering trees! Happy Bloom Day Diane!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your tulips are so pretty. I added a couple species tulips this year. I used to grow several varieties. Really like the striped foliage.

That is a great photo from the second floor of you house.

Laura Livengood said...

So glad to see spring has come to the midwest! Love the early morning shot, that really captures the season...

GardenJunkie said...

Lovely view out the window. And your species tulips are pretty. I grow heaps of them and every year seem to end up planting more of them - love the way they naturalize.

Rose said...

Spring is such a glorious time, isn't it? This year's show of blooms is spectacular. Glad to see your bleeding heart is doing well, too. I think I finally figured out that they are moisture lovers, and last year's excess of rain was probably just what they needed. Your species tulips are so colorful. I'm still a sucker for the hybrids; I guess I'm keeping the bulb companies in business:)

Melody said...

Beautiful view of the flowering trees. Gives a whole new perspective to spring:)

Mr Brown Thumb said...

The Pulmonaria is really nice, don't think I've ever paid attention to it before. Your bleeding hearts are waaaay ahead of mine.

Love the shots of the blooming trees.

Sylvana said...

Love the flowering tree overhead shot!