Monday, May 15, 2006


How am I supposed to enjoy my garden if it never stops raining? I suppose I shouldn't complain, since we're coming out of a nasty, horrible drought. Still, I'd rather it only rained every *other* day. Botanic Garden sale is Friday, and I will attempt to replace some of the things killed off by the drought. We also need to go tree shopping because the drought took our Kwanzan cherry.

Funny, the prairie plants did just fine last year.

Went out to visit the massive beech trees near the lab on campus. They're European, Fagus sylvatica, possibly the variety known as the copper beech. Gorgeous fat spreading trees with trunks of ropy modeling clay. I took a bit back to the lab to peer at it and was realizing that my botanical terminology is fading in my memory. Might be good to bring a couple of flowers in and dissect them this summer for practice. I wish we could put a beech in our yard but it needs more space than we can provide.

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