Friday, May 05, 2006

Another post already!

Suddenly feeling verbose. Must be the gallon of Mt Dew I just downed. Anyway, yesterday when I let the dogs out, there was a white bird in the grass. I managed to keep the dogs from noticing it long enough for it to fly to the fence. I walked toward it slowly - it was *very* tame. Turned out to be a grayish-white parakeet-like bird, a little bigger than a budgie, no stripes (more stripes --> younger bird) or markings at all, and a white band on one leg. I got close enough to catch it, but I was so wary of hurting it that it flew away. It didn't fly far but once it went into someone else's yard, I couldn't get to it.

That's the second pet bird in our yard in the last year. I hope he's okay - he's so tame, and there are so many cats (and dogs) around. The band confuses me, though. Could it be a wild bird? Do pet stores/owners band their birds?

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Semavi Lady said...

Some bird owners and breeders do, whether all the birds in a cage look alike, or not. I guess they're easier to band than a tank full of fishies?