Friday, May 05, 2006

And the bintgoddess said, "Let there be text...."

...and there was text.
Welcome to the newly-spawned McGarden Journal, wherein I will sporadically report on garden projects, dead plants, replacement plants, more dead plants, and the occasional success. Also: pictures!

Background: The McC garden lives on the Northwest side of Chicago, on a lot-and-a-half that also contains our house and the neighborhood's most pointlessly immense garage. We moved to the house in 1995, at which time the yard contained:

  • Some annuals

  • A raised, perfectly square garden with nine plain green hostas in a 3x3 arrangement

  • Two gorgeous rosebushes, one of which we immediately dug up and moved and somehow failed to kill

  • Several artificial pines, like Christmas tree tops

  • Overgrown junipers and yews, a hedge of Chinese elm infested with insect galls, a gravel parking pad, and not a single tree.

Things changed. Things continue to change. I can't begin to guess how much money and time have gone into converting the yard to something more fun and attractive. It doesn't really matter, anyway. Some people play on-line poker, others dig in the dirt. To each his own. (Or is that To Teach This Town? as an illuminated poster I made in high school appeared to say)

Anyway, my garden is my pride and joy, even though it's not as attractive or well-planned as a professional could achieve. My major challenges: dogs, variable soils and micro-micro-climates, dogs, droughts, dogs, rabbits and aphids, dogs, and time & energy, esp. in the late summer. And did I mention the dogs?

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Semavi Lady said...

Dogs help cultivate forbearance and perseverance in the character of McGardeners. :)