Saturday, August 15, 2009

August: Bloom Day!

The August garden looks like I feel: faded, tired, and ready for fall to hurry up and get here. I've been very neglectful of the garden this summer because I've been out of town so much, and it certainly doesn't help that it hasn't rained in ages. Huge fissures are opening up in the lawn and even the black-eyed Susans are droopy. Remember last spring when the back yard was under water? Mother Nature is hilarious, isn't she?

The newly-installed butterfly garden, a tangle of ageratum, rudbeckia, lantana, and gaura. The coneflowers are totally lying down on the job. The heat must make them sleepy.

IMG_4010 IMG_4030 IMG_4034
Viburnum opulus berries; Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple' flowers; my brand-new Viola 'Heartthrob' -- isn't it cute?

IMG_4020 IMG_4017 IMG_4023
A gallery of Asteraceaes: Silphium terebinthinaceum, prairie dock; Helianthus mollis, downy sunflower; Aster macrophyllus, big-leafed aster, tangled with Heuchera micrantha

IMG_4032 IMG_4040 IMG_4003

Commelina communis, Asian dayflower (one of my favorite weeds!); Hibiscus; Rudbeckia hirta, black-eyed Susan

IMG_4008 IMG_4006 IMG_4002
Rudbeckia subtomentosa, sweet black-eyed Susan, and Agastache scrophulariaefolia, giant purple hyssop (purple? really?!); Agastache again; Chelone lyonii 'Hotlips'

Rose of Sharon

Beans!! My first edible crop!

Thanks as always to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day!


Cathy S. said...

Very nice Diane, crazy summer weather this year. Happy GBBD!
and yes thank god for air conditioning.


Ramble on Rose said...

The weather has been ridiculous, hasn't it? After all that rain now we're in drought mode! But your garden is looking good, despite the heat!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Ooh, pretty! Echinacea likes it hot and dry, byt the way, so I don't know why yours are resting! Maybe they were sat upon?!

Jean Campbell said...

Oh, let's not hurry fall, winter comes too soon after. There's equipment noise in the field far behind us. I thought I could smell green peanuts -- surely not so soon!

Rose said...

I understand how you're feeling, Diane. After the regular rainfall we've had most of the summer, I got complacent and didn't water much the past two weeks. My containers look like a disaster now. You have lots of lovely native flowers here!

garden girl said...

Mother Nature can be quite the comedian! I had to start watering mid-July, haven't really watered enough and lots of stuff is stressed here. Hopefully we'll get some good soaking rains today and later this week.

In spite of it though, you've got some gorgeous-looking blooms Diane! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It sounds like the rain has been avoiding your place as much as mine. Your garden looks great in spite of it. While your Coneflowers may be lying down, at least they look good, and not chewed up by Japanese Beetles. I love your Chelone and Aster macrophylla. They are such great August shade flowers. Now why don't I grow them?

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Thanks for visiting my garden, Diane. Yours looks amazing as well.

Are you sure that's an aster? Looks just like my Clare Curtis mum. My asters are just now blooming and they are very early this year, too.

Carol Michel said...

Hi, Diane. Can you send me your email address? I need it to send it to Cobrahead. Thanks!

Chicago Garden said...

Nice to see some Heuchera blooms get some love. I find them hard to photograph in my garden. I've noticed how much bees (tiny little ones) like them.


Cally said...

Your garden looks great, found your blog when I saw a photo of google showing your Viola 'Hearthrob'. It's lovely, shame I can't find any in the UK.