Saturday, March 17, 2012

The hiatus is ongoing, but I have to say one thing...

I finally got a Euphorbia obesa!! Thank you, Ted's Greenhouse :) Here it is with its new friends Euphorbia suzannae, Haworthia attenuata, and Sedum rubrotinctum.


Also, a voodoo lily (Arum cornatum) and a Dracula lily (Arum dracunis). I consider my visit to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show market a success.

And now, excuse me once more while I return to the Dissertation Dungeon. Sigh.


garden girl said...

Dontcha just love Ted's! Very cool plants.

I couldn't resist a Operculicarya decaryi from Ted's at the market, and some seed potatoes from Landreth. Never grew taters before - should be interesting!

Hope the dungeon has plants! :)

mrbrownthumb said...

Since my E.obesa I bought from Ted's last year is sitting on my windowsill I resisted buying one this year. But they were so cute and tempting. I did, however, come home with a new climbing onion from Ted's.

Andrew@gardening tips said...

Chicago appears to be a gardeners paradise.
I am seeing so many good gardeners with blogs from Chicago.
It must be in the genes.
Some great shots of your surroundings and it is clear to me that Chicago has a lot to offer any gardener

ann said...

Thanks for stopping by the Garden Spot. I do hope your new home to be is still standing, but I must tell you that the situation is pretty grim. If you know where Whale Rock is, we have friends who lost their home there. You will really love the Colorado mountains, but the fire has certainly changed thelandscape. Please let me know if your home survived. Good luck.