Thursday, March 31, 2011

New juniors!

The Junior Acquisitions Department has been on hiatus while McGarden Enterprises, Inc. took a few months to ponder life and get its mojo back. Well, the mojo is back, baby! As VP of the JAD, I took the corporate credit card and went on a spree. We lost a few juniors through, um, attrition, and had empty spaces that needed to be filled...

At the Chicago Flower and Garden Show, I stocked up at the Ted's Greenhouse booth as usual. The Adenium obesum I wanted so desperately was nowhere to be found, but I comforted myself with these cuties:
Crassula perfoliata subsp. falcata (propeller plant), Euphorbia mammilaris variegata (corncob plant), Trichodiadema densum (miniature desert rose), Crassula 'Springtime'

I also bought a new African violet:
I usually get my violets on the cheap at places like Home Despot but have had bad luck with them lately, so I shelled out the dough for a plant that had been taken care of by someone who gave a crap.

Finally, at last weekend's orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I bought the prettiest orange orchid with the most ridiculous name: Potinara Love Passion 'Long Vacation'.


Gardeningbren said...

Oh my...that orchid is pretty darn fantastic...great choice!

MrBrownThumb said...

OMG, That orange orchid? I'm getting all Monica Milla over here about it. Wow, that makes the mini-phal I just bought look like baby puke.

BTW, I recently found a source of Adeniums in Chicago. I'll share the location with you but you have to keep it a secret for a while. I plan on blogging about it, but not before I can go back and buy some to my heart's content. They had the most perfectly shaped (if you like them squat & fat) ones I have ever seen in retail.

Shoot me an Email.

Diane said...

MBT, you crack me up :) We may need to turn Monica's lust for orange things into a verb somehow.

garden girl said...

Ok, I was about to OMG, but then I saw MBT's OMG and didn't want to be redundant. Never mind. . . OMG, that orchid is fabulous dahling!

LOVE Ted's! I used to live in Tinley Park and shopped there for perennials all the time, completely overlooking the fabulous succulents. I'm still not that far from Ted's, and now taking advantage of having such a great local resource for succulents since recently falling hard for them. Ted's a really cool dude. Usually once or twice a year he visits the greenhouse where I work sporadically. Even though he's technically retired, when I visit his place it's not unusual to find him in the greenhouses.

Love the African violet - looks very happy and healthy!

Rose said...

Wow, that orange orchid is a stunner, Diane! I've never been a big fan of orchids either, but I can see how they can grow on you (no pun intended either). I missed our local orchid society show, or I probably would have come home with one, too. But I love all the little juniors in your windowsill--so cute!

Sarah from Toronto Gardens said...

Love your orchid caption, "I find the lack of soil disturbing." Made me laugh.

Fantastic photos, that orange is Amazing.