Saturday, July 04, 2009

July: Happy 4th!

Hubby and I rebuilt the fence between yard and alley this weekend. It looks fabulous and solid and we are so proud of ourselves!

Just a handful of photos of what's in the garden right now. It really popped while I was on my trip and it's so much fun to explore!
IMG_3240 IMG_3219
An adorable green bee with yellow pollen leggings; red lilies

IMG_3218 IMG_3217
Lilies and butterfly weed; when did I plant an orange coneflower?! (ETA: Last August, apparently! It's an Echinacea 'Sunset'. Yay for blogs as searchable records!)

Foley felt left out during fence construction.


Avis said...

Great job on the fence! I have a coneflower that is yet to flower, and I believe it's reddish orange, too. Looks like I'll have a flower soon, so only time will tell... Cheers!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Foley looks so cute peeking out of the fence. I'm impressed you tackled putting it up yourselves. I had my carpenter brother-in-law put up mine. I just stood back and watched in awe. Your Coneflowers are ahead of mine. They've just started to send up petals.