Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April: no fools here!

March came in like a lion... and went out the same way. April also started cold and blustery but by this afternoon it was sunny and windy, good kite weather if I had a kite. Miss Foley got her cast removed this morning and can finally go outside without her clunky boot. I met the last of several deadlines at school this morning as well so we went outside to celebrate the removal of our respective burdens.

Not much to see in the yard right now... lots of greenery coming up, which is exciting for me but makes for underwhelming photos. The World's Most Pathetic Forsythia is already past its peak, but bigger and better things are on the horizon!

Juncus spirales that I nearly killed over the winter - fingers crossed!

Sedum morganianum, burro's tail

Philodendron 'Xanadu' - sans stately pleasure dome. $4 at Walmart!

I remember a time when I was able to actually eat at that table...

Foley blisses out in the sun

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Cathy S. said...

Yep, that juncus is not an easy plant, they like water too much!
We all have that spring itch...