Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March: new juniors

I bought four plants at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. Three came from the vendor of succulents and cacti, where one of the sellers assumed I was a moron. I asked him how soon the plants would need to be transplanted, and he informed me in the friendly, deliberate tones of someone talking to a willful child that if you never transplant them, they're not going to get any bigger now, are they? Yeah, thanks, that's kind of why I asked the question, which he never did answer. Anyway, the final plant came from the African violet seller. I don't know why I have a hard time getting into violets. I like the true Viola violets in the yard so Saintpaulia shouldn't be a huge leap. I do have one and I love the fuzzy leaves and deep purple flowers. I'm going to make an effort to embrace the violets, and thus brought home a trailing variety.

Peperomia ferrerae, Gasteria sp. (tongue plant), and Echeveria setosa cv. Doris Taylor. I can't get over the leaves on the Peperomia! I have another with the more traditional flat rounded leaves and you would never guess they're closely related.

Saintpaulia sp. 'Foster Trail' - I can't wait to see the flowers!

Bonus: Oxalis sp., prob. triangularis, from the grocery store.

Bonus bonus: Bowiea volubilis close-up showing cool branchiness. Yes that's a word.


Cathy S. said...

Cool plants! I have one of the same variety of Peperomias, Peperomias comes in a Tropical form and a Succulent form. I would wait about
6 months to re-pot, they like tight pots. Bet you had fun at the show!

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Nat said...

ooo, a fellow plant collector. Excellent. Good scores! I've been trying to get my hands on a bowiea volubilis for some time now, still no luck :(