Friday, February 13, 2009

February: go go gadget vine!

While I was looking the other way, a second vine of Bowiea volubilis shot out of the bulb and started winding its way through the mini blinds. I think it was there in the last photo as well and I completely missed it; perhaps I hadn't had my coffee yet?

Vine 1 is at 30 inches on day 28, giving a slightly more interesting growth rate of 1.07 inches/day. Vine 2 is at 20 inches and is an unknown age, so we'll just say it appeared today and is growing at a remarkable 20 inches/day. Isn't statistics fun?


Last year's vine, on the right, already pales in comparison. The oldest vine became crunchy and I removed it this morning.

I think that little white trellis isn't going to cut it anymore...


Cathy S. said...

Hey Diane,

Thought you might like to know, in the winter time, the sun is only at
half strength, I use a thin florescent grow light called the Sun blaster T5 lights and I hang them off of the Ceiling. You would be surprised how plants flourish with artificial lighting during the winter months.

Diane said...

I've wondered if it would be worthwhile to put in grow lights during the winter but never investigated. Thanks for the info!