Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January: Night in the city

Last night about 10 pm. It was as light as day, from city lights reflecting off the low ceiling and surface snow, and it was eerie and beautiful. I've become such a city creature; the complete dark of rural areas unnerves me, makes me feel claustrophobic. But I've never seen light like this before.


garden girl said...

I've been waking up around midnight the last few nights. I've wondered if the bright wee hours have been playing with my melantonin levels!

It's been great for taking the dog out. He's black and usually disappears into the night as heads back to his 'spot.' Lately though, between the snow and the unusually light night skies I can see exactly what he's up to.

Diane said...

It's the same with our dog... we often have to put a collar that lights up on her so we can track her, but lately that hasn't been a problem!