Sunday, October 19, 2008

The indoor garden, part 1

It's autumn in Chicago, my favorite time of year. The morning air is brisk and invigorating as I walk to the 'L', the juncos have returned and the robins are packing up their little suitcases, and the trees are dressed in yellow and red. I refill the birdfeeders, scowl at the sad handful of flowers on my one remaining mum, and turn my attention to the indoor juniors...

Tolmiae menzieaii, the piggyback plant - SO cute

Gynura aurantiaca, the purple velvet plant - rather leggy; did the nursery grow it in low light?

Homalocladium platycladum, ribbon plant

Jade plant; Echeveria; cactus seedlings from a kit my advisor gave me (and most certainly doomed); and a Schefflera

Iresine herbstii, beefsteak plant; Costus woodsonii, dwarf cone ginger; Chlorophytum amaniense, Mandarin plant. My sweet Jazzy stands guard in the corner. The froggy rain gauge doesn't collect much rain, fortunately. I will tell you some other time about my frog collection :D

Rhipsalis 'Trail' (it's a cactus! really!) and a philodendron

Aeschynanthus longicaulus nicely coordinates with my silly little craft fair purchase

Hoya 'Waxleaf' taking over the house. Observe the vines heading around the corner into the two adjacent rooms... "Hmm, let's see what's over this way!" It used to be in the window but I had to move it because it rooted into the seams of the vinyl window and wove inextricably through the mini blinds. Oy.

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Gardens by T said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture of your Rhipsalis. I have a large plant and some cutting and have been trying to find the name.
You have a very nice blog...enjoyed reading!