Saturday, June 03, 2006

Finally normal weather

Today and tomorrow: 75, dry, cloudless, perfect. Actually, bad transplant weather, but good for overall maintenance. Today I cut back the Monarda didyma (garage only), Helianthus, and mystery Aster. The Helianthus and Monarda are flopping away from their centers already. Am going to look for some supports that will keep them together better.

Baptisia is pretty much done. Sure didn't get many flowers! But it was still very pretty. Now I can see if any of them got fertilized. Seems doubtful, unless it's a selfer.

Yucca has formed an inflorescence that is just emerging from the leaves. This is the second time it has flowered. I grumbled about it not flowering every year but maybe yucca isn't meant to flower every year? Desert plants and all.

Salvia is just starting to open, as is the new penstemon. Roses are exploding glowingly and look lovely.

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Semavi Lady said...

Not near enough picachures!!!